Schools and communities served in AZ

Chandler Elementary Schools:

Hartford Elementary (Title 1)

San Marcos Elementary (Title 1)

Galveston Elementary (Title 1)

Frye Elementary (Title 1)

Anderson Elementary

Sanborn Elementary

Chandler Jr. High Schools:

Anderson Jr. High

Willis Jr. High (Title 1)

CHANDLER High Schools:

Chandler High School (Title 1)

Hamilton High School

Mesa Schools:

Whitman Elementary School (Title 1)

Phoenix Elementary Schools:

Hamilton Elementary (Title 1)

Garcia Elementary (Title 1)

Sullivan Elementary (Title 1)

Kuban Elementary (Title 1)

Lowell Elementary (Title 1)

Dunbar Elementary (Title 1)

Garfield Elementary (Title 1)

Phoenix High Schools:

 Cesar E. Chavez (Title 1)

South Mountain (Title 1)

Community Events:

Annual Educator's of the Year Awards Dinner 400

SeaPerch Underwater Robotics Competition 200

Total number of youth/Adults served per program for 2017:

City of Chandler:

Dance 40

Soccer 832

Adult English As A Second Language 82

Scholars 50

International Baccalaureate Program 50

STEM Robotics 125

Calculus 85

STEM Train the Trainer for Teachers 20

STEM Workshops for non program youth 100

Phoenix Community:

Dance for Title 1 students 30

STEM Robotics for students 225

Annual STEM Workshop for non program Title 1 youth 200

Train the Trainer for Title 1 Educators 20