About Si Se Puede



The foundation primarily serves low-income, predominately minority communities throughout the Cities of Chandler and Phoenix. The students who participate in its programs are children and young adults between the ages of 6 to 18, who attend Title 1 schools and reside in at-risk neighborhoods within the Cities of Chandler and Phoenix. SSPF values diversity and makes all its programs available to all residents in the communities it serves.

Our strong partnerships with the City of Chandler, Chandler Unified School District, Phoenix Elementary School District, Murphy School District, Chandler-Gilbert Community College, South Mountain Community College, Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, StateFarm Foundation, and Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has allowed SSPF to reach out to the local community to improve academic performance, generate excitement for science and technology, promote service through tutoring, provide opportunities for mentoring to students at all levels and recruit 60 girls to participate in our robotics program.

Si Se Puede Foundation (SSPF) was founded by Alberto L. Esparza in 1993, and became incorporated as a 501(c) 3, non-profit organization in 1998. The foundation is a prevention and advocacy organization that encourages its participants to be stakeholders in their community. The organization’s three main service components include educational programming, community activities & amp; advocacy, and recreational activities for youth. The organization focuses on school and community risk factors that are barriers to educational achievement including, delinquency, gang affiliation, and family/school/community detachment.


Mission & Vision

Si Se Puede Foundation is a bridge builder and leader in providing community programs that improve the quality of life and strengthen communities, families, and children.

Si Se Puede (SSP) Foundation will be a continually recognized community organization that empowers children and families to have a “Si Se Puede” mentality through participation in SSP programs such as science and technology, college readiness, mentoring, youth sports, neighborhood revitalization, the arts, life-skills, education, and tutoring.

SSPF has received many awards since its inception and including: Chandler Chamber Diversity Cup, Arizona Superintendent Public Relations Association (ASPRA) Award for contributions for youth and education, and the key to the City of Chandler.

            SSPF's Original Logo

          SSPF's Original Logo