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Cinco De Mayo - Chihuahua Races

Chihuahua Race Details

Detailed Schedule

·    8:00am to 9:30am - Registration

·    10:00am to 12:00pm - Racing

·    12:00pm - Coronation


·    For a copy of the registration form, please click here.          

·    Chihuahua registration will be at 8 a.m.

Registration Fees

·    Race fees are $20 per Chihuahua

·    King and Queen Coronation fees are $10 per Chihuahua

·    To register for both the races and coronation is $25


·    Already posted

Race Rules

·    Owners cannot throw, push, or in any way give the Chihuahuas a head start at the beginning of the race.

·    Owners cannot throw any objects onto the track before, during or after the race.

·    Owners cannot reach for the Chihuahua at the finish line – the dog must cross the finish line on own.

·    Owners cannot run up and down the track during the race.


·    $500 – 1st Place

·    $250 – 2nd Place

·    $125 – 3rd Place

King & Queen Coronation Criteria

·    Best Dressed, Smallest Dog, Best Temperament and Best in Show

·    King & Queen will receive a cape and medal