Cinco de Mayo - Chihuahua Pre-Registration

Thank you for pre-registering for the 2017 Cinco de Mayo Chihuahua Races on Saturday, May 6! Utilizing this NEW, early step means you can beat the heat and arrive later to complete your race registration. This registration will simply "hold your place in line" and will ONLY be confirmed on

May 6th when you arrive, check in at the pre-registration table and pay your race and/or coronation fee.

Please select one of the following options *
Please remember to bring your form of payment in cash. Personal checks or credit cards cannot be accepted at this time.
Phone *
Event Acknowledgements *
Please check below to ensure you understand and will abide by all event Acknowledgements: 1. All vaccinations are current - must show a copy of vaccinations 2. Only purebred Chihuahuas are eligible* 3. All dogs must be on a leash when not involved in a race 4. Judges are not professional judges 5. This is an event meant only for entertainment purposes 6. Si Se Puede reserves the right to use photos for future advertising 7. Only the first 150 Chihuahuas registered are eligible for the races 8. Chihuahuas must be present during registration* * In order to avoid discrimination against rescued Chihuahuas, no documentation will be required. If your dog looks like a Chihuahua and acts like a Chihuahua— it can race. However, if your Chihuahua is mixed with another breed that could give it an advantage, he/she will not be allowed to participate. The judges will determine eligibility should any question arise.
Vaccinations *
As a new requirement of the Chihuahua Races, we are requiring owners to show a current copy of chihuahua vaccinations. To expedite your registration on May 6, you may email/fax a copy of the vaccinations in advance, along with a JPEG image of your chihuahua. We will confirm chihuahua photo/vaccinations at the event on May 6.* Please select "Yes" if you would like to be contacted in order to submit chihuahua vaccinations & a photo prior to the May 6 event. Plese select "No" if you will bring a copy of the vaccinations on May 6.